Social Inclusion: why digital is key in Brazil right now

We’ve already posted about Brazil being in focus at The Frankfurt Book Fair, mainly due to the web and digital “revolution” on the country. Editors are interested on the huge potential market (194 million, according to recent data from IBGE) that is quickly gaining access to the Internet – through mobile phones. One reason for this might be that computers are very expensive here, while pre-paid cell phones have had price drops, enabling lower classes to connect (SMS has been a fast growing tool among these users).

Marcelo Neri, from FGV, and Leila Loria, da Vivo Foundation (Photo: Lilian Quaino/G1)

Last month, FGV announced new data on the subject, regarding the global digital inclusion ranking:

• Brazil is now in 72nd place in the world ranking of digital inclusion

• It’s inclusion rate is 51,2% (average rate for the 156 countries of the list is 49,1%)

• Brazil has 87% of homes with access to mobile web (world average being 79.9%)

• Meanwhile, only 40% of computers are connected to the Internet (world average being 36,6%)

According to Economist Marcelo Neri, who conducted the study, Brazil’s numbers are mostly due to mobile phones. If we were not to consider access to mobile web, the 51,2% rate would drop to 39,9%.

Original article from, in Br Portuguese, here.

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